New Year, New You… right?

Hello again world! It’s been a while since my last & only blog, but they do say good things happen to those who wait. I’ve finally decided to once again put pen to paper, or pixels to screen in this case. Yes! The smell of coffee floats delicately on the air while the sound of fingers slapping buttons echoes lightly around the room. And finally, a cigarette smokes silently beside me, a jolly reminder of my broken New Years resolutions! Its smoke fusing with the smell of coffee before wafting out into the ever so cold draft coming from our window.

Yes, what a glorious time of year it is. The Days are getting longer and… well actually, now that I think about it… that’s it really. If you really thought this blog was going to be all chirping birds and yellow flowers you obviously haven’t ready my previous one! But at least it’s no longer December! And don’t worry, I’m not going to start on all that Christmas Spirit Bullshit! No, it is now January, a new Year a New Me; besides, Christmas is sooooooooooooo last year!!! (I know… I know!)

Where was I… oh yes! It is now the 27th of January, and I have finally decided to get up and do something about my life. Although when I say something I really have no idea what that something really is! My mid life crisis’ are frequent and back in full swing, and most of my resolutions are already broken fragments of memories littering the ground. These include but are not limited to:

1. Quit Smoking.
2. Lay off the booze for January.
3. Get up Earlier, Go To Bed Earlier.
4. Find a Real Job.
5. Start Running Again. (Give it time, it’s a long year!)
6. Figure My Life Out.

Of course there are many more resolutions less acceptable for the eyes of the public (and let your minds run rampant) I am following a logic in making so many resolutions though. The more resolutions you make the better the odds are in successfully completing one of them. It’s just statistics if you think about it! Q.E.D.

I’m sure most of you have by now broken many of your own “ressies”, and you are currently sitting at home beating yourself around the head for being such a fuck up. Congratulations! This means you’ve joined me on the track to failure! I was once told, “If you never have standards you’ll never be disappointed.” And if you think about that for a moment, it makes actually makes complete sense.

I’ve been told before that my blog is too pessimistic. But I’m not saying life is all mortars, tequila shots, and empty glasses. But it can sometimes feel like we’re nomads; wandering through mountains, deserts, and sometimes just trudging through miles of thick sludge; as we look for an oasis out there somewhere. A clear path that will lead us to a place we can call home, no matter where it is. Some of you may have already found this, but for those of you who haven’t, I invite you to join my journey as I search through life for something more.